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I’m angry.  I’m  tired of the media messing with the outcome of this election.  I’m tired of hearing how Senator Obama is the second coming.  I’m disheartened that Americans cannot see beyond the glittering personality.  Have we, as Americans, lost our critical thinking skills?


I listened to the first presidential debate.  It sounded like Senator McCain won hands down.  Senator McCain’s voice sounds like an old trusted friend.  Senator Obama sounded flustered.  He stammered.  He made gurgling noises as he was thinking of his response.  He didn’t show any respect to Senator McCain.  He responses were, at best, flippant.


The debate last night seemed, at best, rigged.  The questions weren’t very interesting.  A town hall format is supposed to make the candidates seem like real everyday people.  It should establish character and project and establish a personal relationship with you, the voter.  This town hall sounded like an interview.  Where were the all personal questions?  This town hall did neither of these.


I did find of couple of things interesting.  Senator Obama’s gaffe about the computer was amusing.  What he described was the creation of the Internet.  This is the second Democrat presidential hopeful making an error on the Internet.  I also found it interesting that as Senator Obama explained how he was going to cut taxes for the middle class.  He basically explained how he was going to re-write the tax code.


I also found it interesting that the Democrats are either not communicating with each other or are trying to lock down the Senate.  Last night Senator Obama criticized President Bush for telling the American people to spend money after 9/11 to grow the economy.  Today, Nancy Pelosi says that Fed cutting interest rates is great but not enough.  We need yet another stimulus package.  Isn’t the whole point of a stimulus package is to spend money to grow the economy?  Hmmm.


Senator McCain missed a prime opportunity to point out to that American people aren’t very happy with the present state of our country.  He could have said something to the effect of; I know, you are not happy about the current state of Washington.  I’m not very happy about it either.  In 2006, you, the American people, sent that message to Washington.  You voted in a congress with a Democrat majority.  It was change that the American people believed in.  The state of Washington didn’t change.  The Democrat led congress did do anything to stop this economic collapse.  I’m going to hold the executives on Wall Street accountable for their greed.  They call me the maverick.  Well, this maverick is going to reign in Wall Street because Main Street deserves better.  Wall Street mislead you and the American people.  Wall Street’s greed ends at my desk.”  


It also became clear that the Republicans have lost touch with the pulse of America.  Senator McCain made references to an era when the American people still believed in the American Dream and hard work.  Democrats have realized that that dream is no more.  The days of the everyman becoming president of the United States of America is over.  We, as Americans, would rather point fingers and blame than pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. 


It’s disheartening but we have been a country of privilege for too long that we don’t know what perseverance is.  We don’t know how to make sacrifices.  We don’t know how to stand united as a country. We don’t have a work ethic.  We expect the government to create as many programs as it takes to support us.  The American families don’t have family budgets.  American families have credit cards.  We have come to the conclusion that if the issue at hand isn’t fixed as quickly as it is realized then someone is to blame for my inconvenience.