I love my birthday. My goodness, read my blog on my birthday. You would think I’m oh-so ego-centric. I love being the center of attention on my special day. I love that for one day it’s all about me.

There was a time when birthdays were difficult. Not so long ago or maybe longer ago than I choose to admit, I was a little girl. I’m the middle child. I have an older sister that I swore was the crown princess. I have a little brother that I dubbed “little snookie”. As a child, it was difficult to understand why they were getting presents and I was getting cake and a Kool-Aid mustache.

This is the difficulty of working on a worship team. Every one believes their idea of worship is the right one. We forget that worship isn’t about us. Worship is about God. He is the birthday boy. We are bringing Him presents to give Him glory but we still believe that we should get a present too. I’m selfish and you are too.

I remember my parents struggling at childhood birthday parties. One parent would be celebrating with the birthday child. The other parent coaxing one of us to come out of our room to celebrate with our siblings and the rest of the family.

I love it when a well planned worship service comes together. I become concerned when comments about the service are based on emotion or feelings. “The message really moved me.” “I love it when the organist opens up the pipes.” “The choir sounds so awesome.”

I don’t believe that we intend selfishness. We have become so good at it that I don’t even think we know we are doing it. Children at a birthday party missing the point. Upset because there is no present for us.

Worship teams need to maintain the difficult balance between meaningful worship and entertainment of the congregation. Each person comprehends God’s message differently. Each part of the worship service ministers to each person differently. It’s like the sugary cereals are a part of a nutritious breakfast. Cereal is only a part but when you add milk, OJ and toast the meal is complete.

Worship is not about the feelings we get when we sing. We can have warm fuzzy feelings but those feelings aren’t worship and they don’t make worship “great”. Worship isn’t about convincing God to bless us. Worship is not entertainment, sound or what’s happening next.

Worship is simply giving ourselves and our lives to God. The heart of worship as the song says is “all about You, Jesus.” Giving at at the very heart of worship. Really, worship isn’t anything more than helping people lift their hearts to Jesus, the Savior of all.