There are most likely several famous people that we could include on this list.  The list would include famous generals and politicians.  The list could include magicians.  The list could include musicians with a unique sound.  The list could also include authors and visionaries.I would like to nominate my husband, Big Scott.  I know, what you’re thinking.  No, I’m not being sappy or overly sentimental.Early on, in our courtship, Big Scott told me that I “would make a great Romulan”.  A Romu what?  Yes, I love raman noodles.Seriously, that was a great risk.  That is one of those hit or miss kind of statements.  There are only a certain number of outcomes.  I could think, “umm, weirdo.”  I could think he was trying to be funny.  I could get upset.  I could agree 100% and go home to grab my costume.I honestly had no idea what he meant.  I was just impressed that he wasn’t saying that I look like Shannon Daughtery or Geena Davis.  It was different.  My head might have said run but my heart said browse.