The first race of the season was yesterday. I am so pumped. I can’t wait for the other 35 races. Honestly, I’m so tired of people saying that NASCAR isn’t a sport. Seriously, where else do athletes brave 120 degree heat in a fire suit for nearly four hours racing at nearly 200 mph within inches of each other.

I’ll be putting together a listing of “isms” for NASCAR fans. It should be fun. One per week.

1) You wait for “the big one”.

2) Loose in and tight through the middle isn’t something naughty.

3) Thunder doesn’t necessarily mean a rain storm.

4) You know a friend by their number.

5) The “Bristol Stomp” is more than a song.

6) Co op a tion is the name of the game.

7) Wreckers or Checkers

8) You love to watch the winner “melt them down”.

9)  Word association “aero”  “push”