I have lived in Nebraska my whole life. Recently, I have been asked why I continue to choose to live here.It’s flat. There is lots of corn and other crops. There isn’t anything “flashy”. The closest major sports venue is in Kansas City or Denver. Okay, the closest major anything is Kansas City or Denver. Looking at a map, Nebraska is in the center of the United States. It is about as far away from New York, L.A., Florida, San Antonio and nearly any foreign county as you can get. Mostly, glitz and fame is stuff we see on TV.Nebraska is known for its football program more than anything else. Nebraska has had its share of the famous Hollywood types. Henry Fonda, Marlon Brando, Johnny Carson, Alexander Payne and Fred Astaire. Former President Gerald Ford, Willa Cather and Warren Buffet call Nebraska home. NASCAR’s safer barriers were invented here.The fiber that makes Nebraska, well Nebraska is that certain characteristics are valued. We value hard work, loyalty, respect, humility, and commitment. Nebraskans view sports as a life metaphor.Everyday we struggle with the demands of life. Life is a balance of competition and character. How we choose to behave on and off the court/field provides a field guide for how to navigate life. Some chose to win at all costs. Some chose character at the expense of competition.Our state’s slogan is simply, “The Good Life”. Although, many jokes could be made about our state’s slogan. I think, it is right on target. Once people live here, they feel like it is a good place to raise kids. The people are friendly and open. The hustle and bustle of other cities just doesn’t belong here. Most of the towns are of the slow moving variety. Our slogan like our state is overly practical without the glitz. It’s difficult to imagine living anywhere else.