The winds of change are blowing into Nebraska. Earlier this week, Steve Peterson was fired as AD at UNL. It didn’t surprise very many people in this state. Peterson fired Frank Solich after a 9-3 season. Peterson said that the Cornhusker football program was “gravitating into mediocrity”.

Tom Osborne has been hired as interim AD. That didn’t surprise very many people either. Osborne has a very positive image in Nebraska. He coached three teams to national championships. Nebraska loves him. Osborne retired from coaching to start a political career. He served three terms representing District three. District three covers about 75% of the state.

It is next to impossible to watch the news. The first 15 minutes of each newscast is all the hype of the second coming of Tom Osborne. Osborne was a great coach. There is no doubt he knows college football. He was a very successful college coach no matter what era if you would like play a game of comparison.

Conversely, there are only a couple reasons Tom Osborne was “chosen” to be the AD. Tom Osborne will calm the Husker nation’s fears about state of Husker football. He has the ability to unite the sea of red. He is the tradition that Husker fans have spent nearly two generations loving. Tom Osborne will be able to bring the boosters back to NU. He will be given the tough task of evaluating Callahan. Osborne likes to tell the story (all Nebraskans have heard it hundreds of times) that after he won the Blue Bonnet Bowl early in his career as head coach a booster came up to Tom and said that he was glad he won the game. Tom said he was glad too. The booster said that if he would have lost the boosters were going to request his firing. Osborne has been in Callahan’s shoes.

Nearly everyone in Nebraska is wondering what will happen to Coach Callahan. If he goes, then who? Here are some of my suggestions.

I don’t think Nebraska will be bringing back any former coaches. Husker nation may want old school football but the game has changed a lot since Dr. Tom left the game. I don’t think someone like Bo Pelini will be back at Nebraska. He is a great coach. I can’t think of anyone that knows the defensive side of the ball better. He’s resume in many ways is very similar to another successful college coach (Bob Stoops). There is just too much bad blood even if the AD that caused it is out.

Other names that have popped up are the Cinderellas of the last couple of years at Rutgers and South Florida but what a veteran coach like Glen Mason from Minnesota.

Could lightning strike twice in Wyoming? Husker fans may remember that Bob Devaney was the head coach of the University of Wyoming before settling in at Nebraska. Devaney coached the mighty mighty Pokes to a 35-10-5 record from 1957 – 1961.

U- Dub’s current coach, Joe Glen is a Nebraska native. I think, he has a good idea what it will mean to coach in the shadow of a legend. No matter how well Nick Saban does at Alabama, he will always be compared to Bear Bryant likewise with Nebraska. Bob Stoops will always be compared with Barry Switzer. That is one of the things that Bill Callahan didn’t consider or realize before he took the job at Nebraska.

Glen has turned the program around. The year before he arrived at U-Dub the team was in the cellar of the conference. Last year, they finished third in the conference behind BYU and TCU. “The Sporting News” has featured him as an up and coming college coach.

No matter who ends up with the position of head coach, one thing is for sure. Nebraska cannot afford to make a bad hire.