Really. Can we stop focusing on Michael Vick? I’m sick of it. I’m tired of being bombarded by the news media sensationalism. Yes, he admitted that he did bad thing. Yes, he is going to jail.

I was less than impressed with Monday Night Football last Monday evening. I realize that Michael Vick entered his plea in court that morning but do we really need a legal analyst on Monday Night Football? I realize that it was a pre-season game. Pre-season games are only

There has to be more to talk about than this story. Why aren’t we talking about the fantastic pennant races out there? Why am I forced to poker on ESPN? Does Joey Harrington think that we will ever get past the fact that he posed for Seventeen magazines? Who is in the hunt to make the chase for the NASCAR Nextel cup? Wayne Newton, Mark Cuban, Marie Osmond and Scary Spice will be dancin’ with the stars. Oh my! Has college football not started? Isn’t interesting that more “mid-major” teams are showing up in AP and USA Today polls? Oh, Team USA was playing basketball. If I didn’t have the internet, I would have never known.

At one point during the game, someone e-mailed asking if anyone else had fallen from grace at the height of their career. The response was Mike Tyson. I’m not saying that their respective use of bad judgement was any worse than the other. They both did unspeakable things. Rape is a terrible thing. Dog fighting is an ugly underworld. Killing animals in such a way is beyond cruel and inhumane. All of these behaviors are unacceptable for anybody not just “role models”.

I don’t think the fall out for Mike Tyson was as bad. There are a couple of reasons. Football is the United States’ most popular sport followed by NASCAR. Almost everyone knows Michael Vick. Nearly everyone knows who wore the “7” for the Falcons. He’s been in the media since his days playing college ball for VT. Boxing isn’t nearly as popular. Can you tell me the last five heavyweight champions? I might be able to come up with 10 or 15 during the current history of the sport. Might.

I have already mentioned that dog fighting is just ugly. One of the reasons, I think we find so terrible is how we view our pets. I have two cats. My “girls” are like a member of my odd little family. I don’t have children in the traditional sense. My “kids” are furry and have four legs. Each has their own respective personality. I miss them when I’m gone for long weekends. I sincerely love them. My husband knows that if I had to choose between the cats and him that he might not necessarily like the results.

Some people do not view rape as a crime. Some see it as “getting what he/ she deserved.” Maybe that is why it was no big deal when Iron Mike decided to make a comeback. Maybe, it is just the sport itself. Boxing is a physical and violent sport.

Role model expectations for boxing is different than say a NASCAR driver. Maybe that is it in itself. The believing in sports stars as the almighty is gone. Our sport stars have made more headlines getting in trouble with the law than scoring points or playing good defense. I always believe that LT as in Lawence Taylor was an incredible football player but I didn’t believe he belonged in the Hall of Fame because of his personal life. I thought that his drug use did not make him a positive role model. There was a time when David Robinson was super fantastic. He does all sorts of programs for kids in San Antonio. He receives little media attention. It seems that he would prefer that way. He will never have the numbers like Kobe. Kobe will most probably make the hall of fame. Robinson might but Robinson is a better “role model”. I guess, I have always believed that being a role model meant that you create a positive impact both on and off the field.