Ever have one of those anti-climatic experiences?  Where you have waited for something to happen for so long and then the rush just isn’t there?  Really, what you are thinking is:  (Using the words of my buddy Paul) “Dude, I should have totally not spent so much time looking forward to this.”  Yeah?  I had one of those recently. 

Big Scott will tell you that I have not reacted in ways that he would have expected on several occasions.  Way back when iMacs were the “next big thing”, I wanted one so bad.  I was especially excited when Apple released all of the fun fruity flavors.  I wanted a grape one.  I had convinced Big Scott that it wasn’t a want thing that it was more of a need thing.  I began saving up for one.  Big Scott decided that he would surprise me and get me one for my birthday.  Really, spending over $1300 for your girlfriend’s birthday is…..  Anyway, Big Scott went through all sorts hoops and hurdles to get things in order and all in line and somehow manage to keep it secret.   

It’s finally, my birthday.  Big Scott meets me in the parking lot of his apartment complex.  He blindfolds me and somehow manages to direct his klutzy girlfriend up the stairs.  He opens the door, removes the blindfold and ta da!  All I can do is just look at the iMac.  I don’t know how long I stared at it.  Meanwhile, Big Scott is wondering when the look of excitement finally going to show on my face.  I give him a kiss on the cheek and a giant hug, and say, “That’s a cool birthday present.”   The look on his face is, “Umm that’s it.”  Big Scott is wondering where is the happy and oh-so ecstatic Jill.  I’ve been begging for months.  He’s had to come up with a pretty elaborate plan to keep things quiet and he got nothin’.   

I did the same thing to the Big Scott when he proposed on Christmas.  Big Scott went had made lots of plans.  He wrapped a very large box.  I swear I dug through ten or so boxes and gift bags and when I finally got to the bottom of the box there was an envelope.  I’m flustered.  In my selfish head I’m thinking, “I’ve dug through how many much crap for a lousy gift certificate.  What is that?”  Inside of the envelope was a sheet of paper that simply said “Look behind you!”  There was Big Scott will an opened ring box and the biggest smile I have ever seen.  Big Scott said the four words that every girl waits to hear.  I did the same thing.  I stared at it for a while.  Big Scott claims that I had a hollow head look on my face.  You know the kind of look that in the back of your mind you know that you are expecting drool at any moment.  We’d been dating for seven years.  All he got was a look that said I might need medical attention.  It just wasn’t was he was expecting. 

I had one of those experiences recently too.  I don’t know what he could have said to made me feel better but somehow I just feel slighted.  I feel like I’m missing something.  Don’t know what that is but it’s all right.  I’ll get over it.