Greetings all,

I will get back to blogging about my vacation from a month ago soon. Between work, regular life stuff and all the other irritant pearls out there. I just haven’t found the the time. I’ll get back to it. I promise. Back to the topic at hand.

Tonight, I watched my whole neighborhood light up with fireworks. It was a beautiful sight. As a matter of fact the fireworks are still going on. I have two very nervous cats. I especially loved my new neighbors across the street. She was waving sparklers. He was setting off big stuff with lots of noise and sparks. Venus. Mars. Maybe? There I go again moving off topic. Big Scott and I took a walk around the neighborhood to see all of the different fireworks earlier this evening. What we saw was amazing! We saw friends, families and neighbors getting together celebrating in the same way. Big Scott pointed out that probably most of them don’t really understand why.

That is one of the things about our country that we often forget and not everyone appreciates. I know this is a real shocker. Not everyone appreciates all that we have here in the United States. We have taken for granted all of our freedoms. Sure, there are people that we wish would just shut up and there are certain “rights” groups that have long since strayed from their founding basis but they still have that right. Most of us did not create a watercraft out of a bathtub and a lawnmower engine to get here. We should be so thankful.

Some of us have been here for generations. It is difficult to imagine how our ancestors did what that did to help make our country a major player in the political arena. I have gone to museums. I have seen the covered wagons. I have seen the space of the covered wagons. I think my grandfather-in-law’s Caprice station wagon had more space. This is how they came to the plains and beyond. Really, have you ever thought about how did they cross rivers like the Mississippi before bridges were built? How did they get across certain states like Colorado before there were paved roads? It really all comes down to the sacrifices that they made to fulfill Manifest Destiny and the sacrifices of our military. Sometimes, I’m disheartened by the news stories that gain network attention. I’m disappointed by some major corporations actions. I’m saddened how self centered our society has become but that isn’t the main point of this writing. Although I am fulfilling my promise to ramble.

One of the reasons, this country is so great is the way in which we celebrate our independence. We don’t celebrate it by showing our military might in front of our nation’s capitol. We celebrate it by getting together with family and friends, picnics with questionable potato and macaroni salads, backyard games of volleyball, lawn darts and horse shoes.

Big Scott and I usually spend this holiday with his family at the lakes. We enjoy watching the boat parade. It is probably really bothering Big Scott that this year his aunt and uncle from Cozad went out to the lakes for the holiday. Big Scott and I needed to go back to work in the morning and so went were not able to go this year. We also enjoy getting into the boat and watching the fireworks time to the music from a local radio station. It is a fun time but also a great family time.

I’m rambling like I promised. I need to be to work sooner than I would like. Even if I didn’t get to spend the holiday with my extended family. I did get to spend it with Big Scott. With our goofy work schedules, full days with each other is a special treat. I think, we had a super day.