Vermont is a very pretty state.  Lots of trees and contrary to what I had thought not all of the trees are maples.  There seems to be a mixture of maple, pine, and birch.  Maple everything is a big product here.  Obviously more maple trees than any other.

The Green Mountains are not as big as I had expected.  I’m from Nebraska.  My point of reference is the Rockies.  The Green Mountains to me look like the foothills after leaving Golden, CO.  We had lots of Atlas time on our travels here and I think the the highest mountain was around 5000 feet.  Really, they looked like the San Juan mountain with lots of maple trees.  I’m not sure if that makes sense.

We have all seen movies that have the setting of colonial New England.  “The Patriot” comes to mind.  Small little towns, shires, villages, and whatnot connected with picturesque trails.  Well, at least where I had been, it is still like that.  There seems to be a small town about every 15 miles or so.  Also, there seems to be several small streams and babbling brooks.  I wonder if any of the water is swimable. There seems to be a lot of swimming pool.  It has become a game with us.  Hey, when you are on the road with the magic bus or in our case minivan and you are traveling 1300 miles you need entertainment.  Entertainment no matter how simple helps to foster a more positive environment.   “Swimming pool-side yard!” is so much tamer than hurting people.  My friend in CO is probably thinking, “Easy, killer.”

There seems to be very few industries here.  There is manufacturing, Real Estate, Tourism, and Dairy.  We have noticed lots of silos and next to no cows.  The only thing we can think of is that the cows are not grazing in the meadows but are being kept in the very large barns that are everywhere or just maybe the bottom is falling out.  I could write  at length about all the neat little “country stores” with fudge, maple everything, and all the other things that make them “touristy” but that would take a long time.  It does seem that Vermont has a nice mix of all said industries.

The roads curve and wind all over.  I can’t help to think that I am somehow in the Ozarks in Arkansas.  I really don’t have much of a sense of direction.  I know that I should.  At home or in the town that I grew up in if you tell me to head south on (Insert street here) I understand.  Here.  I just feel like we drive in circles.  It really doesn’t make any sense to me and the fact that we make it anywhere is to me a near miracle.  It seems that 7, 4, 100 and possible 89 are very important roads.