We left around 6 AM. Man, I should have had Flat Todd ready for the photo op. I did put our starting address of Papillion, NE on the back of our pal Todd to mark the beginning of our journey.

Let’s discuss our our favorite pal, Todd. I was thinking that because he is from Jersey that perhaps he needed longer locks with multiple tones. I mean, c’mon Bon Jovi rules! He has highlights. Bright wide stripes on his shirt just screams 80’s especially since the collar is up. I mean, really, how studly is that. See, I said it. Studly. There, your obligatory 80’s term.

I mean, there are lots of 80’s terms. Sweet. Psyche. Bodacious. Radical. Spaz. Bonus. Excellent. Studly. Back in the day “rave” meant entirely too powerful hairspray. Not what it means today. Oooh, the old alarm bells are going off.

Oh yeah back to Flat Todd. Todd’s jean’s are “acid washed”. I never could figure out why acid was used for this purpose? But being from Jersey, why not? Jersey boy wouldn’t be caught dead in something “sand blasted”. It’s hard to focus when you are half way there and living on a prayer. (obligatory Bon Jovi reference . Geesh)

Flat Todd made his first stop in Walcott, IA. Flat Todd got his first photo op at the Pilot Truck-stop. The gal behind the counter offered to kiss Flat Todd. Who knew that Flatt Todd had such power? Maybe he should flatten himself more often. At the Pilot Truck-stop, Flat Todd was stamped with the official corporate seal. Who woulda thunk that reality could transcend so perfectly? Maybe I’m on to something here. There hasn’t been a crisis yet that has needed immediate attention.

We had a picnic lunch in Davenport, IA. I have never thought about the song about IA. It is sort of a joke in local circles. The song names the “major cities” in Iowa followed by multiple repeats of the “corn” with random interjections of “what’s that smell?”. Reality?

My mother in law took us through Chicago. Man, oh man, she was weaving through traffic and getting a little close to the wall. I knew she had a little competitive edge to her. There are times that the family gets together and watches old home movies. It seems like my MIL has a different vehicle nearly every six months. She usually says something like “Yeah, that was a great car. I could shut down half of Des Moines.” After we headed into Indiana, my thoughts turned to racin’. Really, how could it not. I mean, Indy, the 500, milk the drink of champions and I was thinking that my MIL really should try the Richard Petty Driving Experience. I would love to watch her shut them down and once she got out there with a few cars, she could thread the needle, baby. Ma Crick is in the house! uh….. moving on.

Well, Flat Todd had a second photo op in Indiana. It was once again at a truck-stop. This time we stopped at the South Bend Chocolate Factory. I picked a chocolate factory. hmm. Susie thought Flat Todd was cute. She gave Flat Todd her address and a sticker.

The best thing to see that I missed b/c I was hand writing this entry was in Ohio. There were a couple of half naked guys on a dark colored bus. On said bus was a duck blind, the American flag and the confederate flag. I’m in Ohio, right?

Yeah, I’m getting tired of typing Flat Todd. So let’s call Flat Todd something else. Let’s call him Tubular Todd? Todd the bod? That’s not working. Let’s try initials. FT. Maybe its the industry in which I work but I’m almost forced to put a “p” at the end of it. I kinda want to call him FM. Could you help me out? Help me think of a nickname for Flat Todd? Please?

I’ll post pics later.