What a race! I love to watch cars race. I love getting my near weekly dose of NASCAR through out the year. I especially like ’em under the lights. Oh man, that’s so awesome!

Last night the Cup series raced in Phoenix. There was some good racin’ no matter who your favorite is. Well, there was some good racin’ if you are a fan of Chevy’s. It seems that the Chevy teams have really got this COT (Car of Tomorrow) figured out. There some questions with the COT. This was the first race in the COT that wasn’t on a short track. Although Phoenix is far from a super speedway, the mile flat track was going to be a test. No one since this track started running Cup, I believe in 1988, has won from the pole.

Honestly, Denny Hamlin, in the FedEx Kinko’s car, had the best car out there but mistakes on pit road put him in the back of the pack. He did a fantastic job coming through the field finishing third. That on it’s own was no small feat. Did you see how he thread the needle on some of his passes? It was amazing.

Jeff Gordon had an historic weekend. He won the pole. He now holds the record for the most poles in the modern era. He won the race from the pole at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway). No one has been able to do that. Jeff finally earned a victory one of three tracks that he hasn’t been able to come up with the win. There are just two tracks left Texas and Homestead. His win ties him with Dale Earnhardt with most career victories. I did think it was classy of Jeff to pay tribute to Dale Sr. Gordon is first in points. He stepped out his lead by 71 points. The nearest competitor is 79 points back.

The season is, of course, still young. The Chevy’s have dominated. There have been 8 races thus far and seven Chevy victories. Five of those wins are from Hendrick Motor Sports (Gordon 1, Johnson 3, Kyle Busch 1).

The other three manufacturers finishes have been less than stellar. I’m really wondering what has happened to the House of Rousch. Just a couple of seasons ago, every driver on their team, all five, was in The Chase. This year only Kennesth is worth anything. He has consistent top 10 finishes. What happened to Everham? Kahne, Riggs, Sadler are lucky to finish in the Top 20. Last season, it seemed that Kahne could really be the next Jeff Gordon or Dale Sr. Kahne had six wins last season. Riggs seemed to be growing as a driver. Sadler is as inconsistent as they come. He is either a top 10 or a bottom 10 finisher. He doesn’t have mediocre days. He is just good or very bad.

This is Toyota’s first year in the Cup series. We know Toyota will be a dominant force eventually. Look how quickly Honda and Toyota became a dominant force in IRL. Toyota is a car company strives to do well. I just question the drivers that they have hired. Many of these drivers haven’t been to Victory Lane in a long time or have been there under questionable circumstances. It just pains me to see every week the ad Toyota sponsors showing the best Toyota performers. The drivers are in the back 25.