So, yesterday was my birthday. I can’t tell you how much I love birthdays. I love being the birthday girl still after 30 some years. I’ve made little jingles about it being my birthday. Well, it isn’t exactly a jingle. It is more like me head banging saying somewhat musically over and over “I’m the birthday girrrrrrl” But it’s all fun and Big Scott thinks his wife is somewhat entertaining or just something he deals with one day a year.
Big Scott made breakfast. I’m not a big fan of the morning meal. I dislike cereal. I don’t like it magically delicious or packed with fiber tiger. I don’t really like toast, bagels, and the alike. The breakfast foods I like are the big country breakfast foods. You know, pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon. That kind of stuff. The stuff that takes time that I really don’t have. Usually, my breakfast is a glass of juice or milk and a granola bar. Big Scott took the time and made me a cheese omelet. Mmmm mmmm good.
After breakfast, I opened my gift from Big Scott. It was a nicely wrapped box. Nice neat little corners. There was a absence of hearts and pink. Big Scott picked out a very funny card. “It’s your birthday. So take it easy. Relax. Wear a bucket on your head. Whatever.” Hee hee . That’s funny. I have this thing about certain size boxes. I can’t give you the exact dimensions but I know it when I see it. Then I, without fail, exclaim, “Oooh nice little box. I’ll have to keep that one.” This is usually followed by the Big Scott eye roll and huff. It was one of those boxes. Before I even ripped off the paper, I said, ” Oh, this is a nice little box.” The box, ironically enough, came from the CPC at work which made me chuckle. The box was filled with ram pack also from work and I was giggling again. Big Scott picked up two books for me. Although they probably do not interest the general public I was very happy. One was by Alison Weir. She is my favorite British history author. The book is about Queen Isabella, a medieval queen. The other book is about Henry Fitzroy. He was Henry VIII ‘s illegitimate son. The only illegitimate child that he acknowledged. It should prove interesting. I’m pretty excited.
I’m a big NASCAR fan. It is near fitting that a race should be run on my birthday. A few years back the Daytona 500 was on my birthday. I felt so lucky that I played powerball too. We do not receive the Speed network currently. I have XM radio. I wanted XM radio for the NASCAR network. Well, last year NASCAR after the season was over jumped ship and went over to SIRIUS. Now, I have a few really good jazz stations. Big Scott thought the best way to keep my brain off of NASCAR was to take me to an antique mall. We spent a couple of hours looking at stuff we had as children. I pointed out a little pull toy race car that my brother had which reminded me that they were racin’. I found a couple little 1:64 scale cars that I liked.
We moved on to the shopping mall. I really don’t go to malls much anymore most probably the stores in the malls aren’t for me. The top half is a petite and the bottom half is very tall. It is really difficult to find clothes that fit. It’s difficult to find something that isn’t very casual that coordinates well. It’s a very good thing I like T-shirts, sneakers, and denim. About a month ago, I returned a Christmas gift to a mall. I didn’t remember the last time I was in one. It must have been over a year. We looked at shoes. I don’t know why I even bother. I’m somewhat tall. I have big feet. Most places will occasionally carry an 11 but next to never carry a 12. I usually buy guy’s sneakers because they just fit better but sometimes sneakers aren’t necessarily appropriate. My options are usually Payless Shoes even then the selection isn’t all that great. I tried to find a new robe that wasn’t pastel. I tried to find valances for a couple of the rooms. I don’t mind spending time at the mall if I actually get something. I don’t care if I wonder and meander through 40 stores even if I end up purchasing a jar candle air freshener my two hours doesn’t seem wasted. This was one of those futile trips but Big Scott and I did do some mindless and aimless chatting. I hopped into the truck and knew the second duel was well under way. My parents left a message on the machine telling us who won the second duel.
Big Scott baked a birthday cake for me. It was difficult to get ready for dinner out when yummy cake is baking in the oven. We went to Red Lobster and it was wonderful. It isn’t one of the restaurant that we normally frequent. I ordered a little margarita for my birthday. The waitress tried to guess my age. I don’t know if she was trying to be nice or if she wanted a better tip or if I just look that great but she missed it by over a decade. “Really?” she said. “Your hair looks great.” Does something happen to your hair when you are over thirty? I’m such a wash and go girl that I do nothing to my hair. I wash it. I comb it out and part it to the side. I let it dry. No hair dryer. No curling irons. No hair spray, gel or the alike. I don’t know if that makes me lazy, smart or just plain uncouth.
Big Scott and I came home and discussed the days events. Big Scott frosted the birthday cake. It had sprinkles and little Cake Mate Barbie candies on it. We were much too full from dinner. That just means that I can have some post-birthday celebration tomorrow. The Birthday Girl was ready to get some shut eye.