I enjoy reading. I read a lot. I read for many reasons. I’m mildly dyslexic. Certain numbers and letters look the very similar like 358 and KX. I really need to concentrate sometimes. I fear that if I stop reading that I will lose my ability to read. If you don’t use it you lose it principle.
I prefer short stories than novels but that probably has more to do with my attention span than anything else. I also like to read books on British late medieval to early renaissance history. Really, if I could make a career out of it I would be rooting around in the archives in old eclectic library in Salisbury. That isn’t my life right now, maybe someday.
I was reading a book of short stories. There was a quote that really struck me. I like to break things down. Look at symbolism and metaphors in just about everything I read. The quote was that any event importance was determined by your memory’s loyalty to it.
So here is the question; why do we remember the negative and bad things better than the good? Surely, we have plenty of positive and good memories.
In my own experiences, I could tell you at great length the wrongs that others have done to me, droolingly speaking every detail. Afterward, I don’t feel better but I do somehow feel more bitter and unfortunately, the cycle continues.
My good memories seem to focus on spending time with my childhood dog or my grandparent’s dog or just time with my family especially Sunday’s with the big dinner. My grandmother made the best breaded pork chops ever. Card playing usually followed it. My parent’s meetings with Big Scott in the beginning of our courtship is sure to provide some entertainment to some.
My family is highly competitive. My husband’s family is not-so -much. I will never forget Big Scott telling my dad that he was “The King of Spades”. I knew that would stir the pot and my dad was going to make sure Big Scott was taught a lesson. I was regretting knowing that I was going to be Big Scott’s partner. I was also going to be taught a lesson but I already knew the answers. I know what happens when you stir the competitive pot.
Nonetheless, I have recently felt like reminiscing. I’m not sure why. Maybe it is the holiday season that is quickly approaching. Maybe it is this holiday thing makes you evaluate who, what, why’s of our families. I tend to wonder what random crap/fact will be stuck in my head and why my memory has loyalty to it.