It’s the small things that make relationships great. Big Scott isn’t the most expressive person in the world. Sometimes, he is a little socially inept. He told me in the beginning stages of our relationship that he thought I would make a good Romulan. I wasn’t sure how to take that. I could tell that he was sincere. It was important to him. I thanked him not really knowing what that meant. I learned very early that sacrifices must be made for Star Trek. He learned very early that sacrifices must be made for my sports. We have two TV’s.
He does tell me that he loves me everyday. Big Scott doesn’t say “I love you” but rather “I’m in love with you.” It makes love an active word. It also reinforces the commitment that we have made to each other. Sometimes that means waking me up and saying it when our work schedules aren’t all that conducive.
Big Scott also reminds me that I’m beautiful. I like the word “beautiful”. It focuses more on the aspects that make up a person. I am not graceful or elegant. I’m more as Big Scott says a “rampaging bull”. He loves me anyway. Words like “pretty” seem to focus more on the physical. I sometimes play Bunko. They are always different people playing every month. A few will say without fail that Big Scott is a so good-looking. The first time someone said that I said, “Really?” It’s not that Scott isn’t an attractive guy. I have never really ever focused on the physical. We’ve been together for nearly 14 years. Big Scott, to me, is my best buddy. Best buddies have long since gotten past the physical attributes.
Sometimes, he takes my hand and raises it above my head so I can twirl. I love the twirl. I feel all giddy. I twirl until dizzy and sick to my stomach. Big Scott usually initiates the dip. I just can’t stop laughing. I laugh so hard that I start to hyperventilate. Big Scott finds this disturbing and a bit odd. These are some of the things that make Big Scott my personal superhero. Not everyone is lucky enough to have one of those.