It has been on the chilly side of things the past few days. There have been a few nights that no matter what type of covering of plants I was going to do would ever save my garden. We had a hard frost. My gardening season is over. I’m a little sad over it. I’m really going to miss my garden.
Prior to this year, I had never really had a “garden”. My mother in law would give us a little jingle on the phone and say she had a couple of extra tomato plants. Big Scott would dig a couple of holes in the southeast corner of our yard. We would just hope that we would have enough tomatoes for grilling season and maybe enough to make a little chili starter for the fall.
Last fall, Big Scott decided that I needed a garden. He carefully built a garden plot using 8 foot railroad ties. Big Scott working with all his tools trying to make a somewhat level plot for the following spring’s planting season. Big Scott worked hard on making this for me, a real garden. He was very proud of the work he had done.
This year, I planted tomatoes, onions, beans, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplant. Our two rows on onions produced only one onion. I was disappointed. I come from a very long line of German farmers. How could I disappoint my heritage! The rabbits decided that beans would make a great snack and since I didn’t want a citation for using a BB gun within city limits I opted not to shoot the annoying little critters. Unlike my mother in law, I was not going to chase them with a fly swatter.
My cucumber plant produced lots. I could almost swear that I didn’t have a cucumber that was under 14 inches in length. I bought a canner. I canned pickles. Some sweet and lime pickles. I gave some to my parents. I haven’t heard anything about my experiments in canning so let’s just hope that it’s all good.
My pepper plant did okay. I hadn’t grown peppers before. I have nothing to compare it. It may have been a fantastic year. My tomatoes went nuts. I had more tomatoes than I could ever know what to do with them all. I made the chili starter. I made some salsa. I have given quite a few away. Late last week, I had to cut my garden down. I filled six grocery bags with green tomatoes. I put all that couldn’t be saved in the lawn waste container.
Yesterday was a very Fall day; a dreary gray sky, spitting rain and wind blowing nearly 35 mph and a cool 40 some degrees. My garden was empty. It looked so bleak and dead. The last few months it had been a cornucopia of life. I’m a little sad by its passing.
I used to love winter as a kid. Not only because of the fun of sledding, snow forts, snowball fights and games of King of the Mountain or in my case Queen but also I used to love to watch how the snow covered the rows of farmland. I liked to watch how the snow would melt. The snow retreated into the valleys of the rows. Although it appeared to be dead and lifeless, the snow was providing much needed moisture for the growing season. The farmland was resting and waiting for the warmth of Spring. That’s why I looking forward to Spring. I can’t wait to wait to watch my garden grow again.