There are times when I feel like a real hole.  I try very hard to understand all points of view before jumping to conclusions.  I would like to believe that I am a very open-minded individual.
Yesterday, while taking a little break from even more Autumn clean-up, I was watching a couple of quarters of the Iowa/Indiana football game on TV.  There was woman calling the game with two men doing color commentating.  I hate to say it and but I was almost offended that a man wasn’t calling the game.  I feel like such a hole.
This raises the question; why did it bother me?  I hate to think that I need a man to tell me what I am seeing.  I would hate to think that I didn’t find it “trustworthy” because of the gender the information was coming.  I just kept thinking, “This ain’t right. This ain’t right at all.”  She was doing a great job. I just continued to question her opinions and game calling.  Really, it came down to that she is a woman.  Again, I feel like a hole.