I’ll will be going on a little vacation. It will be wonderful to not have a schedule for a while. I like that. I like the freedom that allows but on the same note it will be a working vacation.
We will be working on starting the fall clean up. Flower gardens to clean. There are bushes to pull out. Bushes to prune. River rock to gather.
Okay, that is a story and a half. We have lots of typical boring brown river rock all around our house that was very popular in the early 1980’s. Big Scott and I aren’t big fans of said rock. Here is where the funny part begins. His mom said she would like our ugly rock for her cottage in Iowa (3 hours away) . So we gather the rock with rakes and shovels and put the rock into cat litter containers and haul it out to the cottage whenever we go. We have been doing this for nearly three years. We still have the boring brown river rock. I’m not exactly sure which is funnier that we haul half of Nebraska to Iowa in the back of our truck or picture of us gather all of this rock or watching Big Scott load all the cat litter containers into the truck.
I have lots of grand plans for vacation but probably few of them will get done. There are patterns that we need to follow to complete projects. I’m probably missing a step or two or maybe even doing things backwards. I most likely won’t be posting for a few days. Stay tuned for the next episode.