I’ve doing a little reading on the Childlessness. It really is an interesting topic. It is interesting to read the stats on it. Can you believe that in 2010 that nearly 40% of women if child bearing age are childless? It’s difficult to believe. So I will be writing a short series on it. Admittedly, my sources are almost 5 years old but it is very interesting none the less. I may be taking a closer look at it because currently my husband and I are childless. Call it blog therapy, if you want.
Sometimes you have to write it all out before making complex decisions. My husband, Big Scott, probably has no idea that I did this but I will be dealing with the consequences later. We had some not so perfect times during our courtship. There were several nights when I took a sheet of paper and ripped it in half length-wise. I wrote down all the things I adore about Big Scott. This list could not include physical characteristics like thick hair or grungy feet. On the other sheet of paper all of the things about Big Scott that were not exactly my favorite characteristics. All of this helped me come to some sort of a decision. I realize that not everyone gets out a sheet of paper and makes a list of pros and cons to decide if a relationship is worth it but it works for me.