I could be considered a bit geeky, nerdy, dweeb or whatever. Big Scott has been very excited about the Apple Store opening in Omaha. He brought his camera to document the occasion. The store opened at 10. And being the sometimes geeky people that we can be, we arrived at 9:10. We were almost a block and a half away from the door. I don’t even wait for store to open on the busiest retail day of year. The deals aren’t that great for me to be waiting at 4 a.m. freezing outside waiting for Wal-mart or Kmart to open after Thanksgiving. So this was a bit of a surprise for me.
I didn’t think that they were that many Apple fans here. I love my Apple computer but I’m not a Mac Mac. I don’t believe that just because Apple produces something that it is a super fantastic product. I’m more discerning than that.
The store was due to open in about 15 – 20 minutes and all the employees came out and greeted everyone in line and thanked them for coming that is when I realized that I couldn’t work for this company. If my store manager told me to greet people outside and be very peppy about it that is when I turn in my gobstopper badge. I’m friendly with my customers but not so friendly that I’m an overly-annoying peppy little cheerleader that doesn’t get it. Ready. Okay. Two bits. Four bits. Six bits. A dollar. All for iPod’s stand up and holler. Whoo- hoo!!!! ( See Jill do handsprings and backflips)
We waited in line for nearly 90 minutes and all I got was a crummy T-shirt. No, really. It was a great store. How many places can you go and see a Mac Genius with blue hair? The employees were very friendly and helpful. There were a few things that caught my eye. I’ll have to put on my wish list. It was so crowded that you really couldn’t enjoy the store. The police were only letting 20 people in at a time and there was an Apple Store bouncer. Okay, re-read that. The police were there for crowd control for a crowd of drooling geeks. There was an Apple Store Bouncer that looked like he should be playing Center on the O-line for the Hawkeyes. It was just odd, almost sporting. We will have to go out when it isn’t so busy.